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Date of Birth : 6 December 1982 , Pittsfield, Illinois, USA
Birth Name : Ryan Gregg Carnes
Nickname : Ryan
Height : 1.75 m
Sign : Sagittarius
Hair : Honey Blonde

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Ryan Gregg Carnes born on December 6, 1982 in Pittsfield, Illinois. Ryan Carnes is an American actor, attended Duke University where he was a member of "DUMB" .... Read More

Ryan Carnes Quotes

"I thought it was really interesting to make that choice to just throw this kid in front of the bus really."
"I make it a habit to not go online and read what people say about me or the projects that’s I’m in."
“My stunt double Marc-Andre was incredible. He just had no fear.”
“I’ve never put on the purple spandex, so I can’t speak as to how that feels. I would imagine it feels tight and vulnerable."
"I love the character. I love everything about it: his journey, his transition, his growth." (On The Phantom))
"And as for my love interest in my own little love story, Kate Hudson. I'm smitten ... she's got it all!"
"As for the actor whose career I would most like to emulate -- Dustin Hoffman."
"I don't think you can say anything bad about an actor who makes a choice based on what his heart tells him."
"Hey, Antonio Banderas has done nine gay roles, and it certainly hasn't hurt him."
"I get to run around, and run away from villains, and chase villains and shoot guns. It was great!" (on playing The Phantom)
"I wanted to be able to still make my own choices and my own conclusions based upon what was on the page for me in this project"
"I was somewhat familiar with "The Phantom" though I can’t say that I was, you know, a loyal fan who had followed it."
"I grew up in a really small town kind of on a farm and in the woods so that occupied most of my time."
"As a kid, I wasn’t into comic books; I was more into sports and music and stuff like that. I was outside a lot."
"I think with sports the thing that was bigger than me was pretending to be Michael Jordan and winning the game at the buzzer."
"For me, I grew up in a very small town in Illinois, on a farm. I played in the woods and made up my own games.
"This character was a brand new character to me, and I think that was maybe to my advantage." (on his role in The Phantom))
"To be completely honest, I was not familiar with The Phantom when I got the audition."
"I didn't worry people would suddenly think I was gay and I wasn't embarrassed during the kissing scenes."
"Once you’ve done frontal nudity, hey, what else is there?"
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